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Steps ERP

Steps ERP is a software that elevates decision-making with comprehensive data analysis, real-time stock monitoring, and key metric insights.

Steps HRMS

Steps HRMS is a software that automates and centralizes HR tasks like managing employee data, payroll, attendance, recruitment, and performance.

Steps AFS

Steps AFS, Accounting and Financial System is software for managing financial transactions, recordkeeping, and reporting within organizations.

Steps SCM

Steps SCM is software that manages supply chain activities like sourcing, procurement, inventory, logistics, and distribution.

Steps IMS

Implementing Steps IMS, The Inventory Management System involves design, testing, deployment, and support.

Steps PPMS

Steps PPMS is the software that oversees production stages, including planning, scheduling, and monitoring, to ensure efficiency and quality.

Steps SDM

Steps SDM is the software for managing sales activities, including lead tracking, order processing, inventory management, and distribution logistics.

Steps DIS

Steps DIS, Depot Integration System connects warehouse and order systems, enhancing efficiency and visibility.

Steps CRM

Steps CRM is the software for managing customer interactions, including sales, marketing, and support activities.

Steps FAMS

Steps FAMS is a software for tracking and managing fixed assets, covering acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal.

Steps FMS

Steps FMS, Fund Management System is the software for managing funds, including investment, budgeting, tracking, and reporting.

Steps VMS

Steps VMS A Vehicle Management System integrates tracking and maintenance for fleet management.

Steps POS

Steps POS is the software used for processing sales transactions, managing inventory, and generating receipts at retail locations.


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