Sales and Distribution Management System (Steps SDM)

In today's dynamic sales and distribution landscape, staying ahead demands more than just a management system—it requires a revolution. Enter Steps SDM Sales and Distribution Management Systems, the pinnacle of Sales and Distribution Management Systems, engineered to elevate businesses to new heights of efficiency and agility crafted by one of the best software companies WEBNS Technology Ltd. located in Dhaka, the heart of Bangladesh. 

Steps SDM is not just a solution; it's a technological marvel, integrating cutting-edge features to streamline every aspect of your sales and distribution processes. From order management to inventory control and customer relationship management, it's the ultimate toolkit for modern enterprises. Experience the future of sales and distribution management with Steps SDM—where innovation meets excellence, and success knows no bounds


Usability of Steps SDM (Sales & Distribution Management Systems)

Steps SDM, our Sales and Distribution Management System, is designed with usability at its core, ensuring that businesses can maximize their sales and distribution capabilities with ease and efficiency.

  1. Intuitive Interface: Easy navigation and user-friendly design.

  2. Customizable Dashboards: Tailored views for personalized insights.

  3. Efficient Workflow Management: Streamlined processes and automation.

  4. Accessibility: Web and mobile access for anytime, anywhere management.

  5. Real-Time Insights: Instant access to national sales, collection & Customer O/S statements.

  6. Collaboration Tools: Facilitates real-time collaboration among team members.

  7. Scalability: Adaptable to business growth and increasing demands.

  8. Training and Support: Comprehensive resources for user education and assistance.

  9. Data Security: Ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive sales and distribution data.

  10. Performance Optimization: Enhances system performance to ensure smooth and efficient operations, even during peak periods.

  11. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and software to maximize efficiency and minimize data silos.

  12. Error Handling: Provides robust error handling mechanisms to identify and resolve issues quickly, minimizing disruptions.

  13. Customer Satisfaction: Improves customer satisfaction through timely order fulfillment, personalized services, and responsive support.

  14. Analytics and Reporting: Offer advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to analyze the performance of Salespersons, Customer sales statements, and fast & slow-running products to derive actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.

  15. Compliance Management: Helps businesses adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards related to sales and distribution activities.

  16. User Permissions and Roles: Allows for granular control over user access and permissions, ensuring data security and compliance.

  17. Mobile Responsiveness: Optimized for mobile devices, enabling sales and distribution teams to access critical information on the go.

  18. Continuous Improvement: Supports ongoing optimization and refinement of sales and distribution processes to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and robust capabilities, Steps SDM makes sales and distribution management simpler, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. Experience the power of usability with Steps SDM and take your sales and distribution operations to new heights.




Features of Steps SDM (Sales & Distribution Management Systems)

  1. Customer Profile Management:

  • Profile: Maintain customer-wise profile with detailed information.
  • Sales history: View past sales history and preferences to tailor marketing efforts.
  • Customer segmentation: Segment customers based on demographics, behavior, or sales history for targeted marketing campaigns.
  1. Price Profile Management:

  • Tiered pricing: Offer different pricing levels based on customer loyalty or volume of purchases.
  • Promotional pricing: Set temporary discounts or promotions for specific products or customers.
  • Contract pricing: Negotiate and manage pricing agreements with individual customers or partners.
  • Price optimization: Use analytics to determine the most profitable pricing strategy for each product.
  1. FG Inventory & Distribution System:

  • Stock optimization: Automatically reordered inventory based on demand forecasts and stock levels.
  • Warehouse management: Efficiently organize and track inventory within warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Inventory visibility: Provide real-time visibility into inventory levels across multiple locations.
  • Batch tracking: Trace products by batch numbers for quality control and recall management.
  1. Invoice Preparation:

  • Automated invoicing: Generate invoices automatically based on confirmed orders.
  • Customizable templates: Create customized invoice templates to match branding or specific requirements.
  • Multiple currency support: Generate invoices in different currencies to accommodate international transactions.
  • VAT calculation: Automatically calculate VAT based on Government rules.
  1. Return Management:

  • Return authorization: Streamline the return process by providing customers with a simple authorization procedure.
  • Return tracking: Track returned items from initiation to resolution, ensuring timely processing and refunds.
  • Expiry/Replacement management: Manage product expiry/replacement issues for returned products.
  • Restocking management: Track and manage the restocking of returned items back into inventory to maintain accurate stock levels.
  1. Collection & O/S Management:

  • Payment reconciliation: Match incoming payments with outstanding invoices to ensure accuracy.
  • Credit management: Set credit limits and terms for customers to manage risk and cash flow.
  • Aging analysis: Analyze invoice aging to identify trends and prioritize collections efforts.
  1. Sales Management & Evaluation:

  • Sales performance tracking: Monitor individual and team sales performance against targets.
  • Territory management: Assign sales territories and track performance by territory/area/region.
  • Sales incentive tracking: Monitor commissions, bonuses, or incentives earned by sales staff.
  1. Real-Time Insights:

  • Dashboard analytics: Access interactive dashboards with real-time data visualization for quick insights.
  • Drill-down capabilities: Dive deeper into data by drilling down into specific metrics or dimensions for detailed analysis.
  • Alerts and notifications: Receive alerts and notifications for important events or performance milestones.
  • Trend analysis: Identify trends and patterns in sales, collection, and outstanding statements to inform strategic decisions.
  1. Reporting & Analysis:

  • Custom report generation: Create custom reports tailored to specific business requirements or KPIs.
  • Scheduled reports: Schedule automated report generation and distribution to relevant stakeholders.
  • Ad-hoc analysis: Perform ad-hoc analysis on-demand to answer specific business questions or explore trends.
  • Export options: Export reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, or CSV for further analysis or sharing.
  1. Graphical Summaries:

  • Visual representation: Present data summaries and trends using visually appealing charts, graphs, and diagrams.
  • Comparative analysis: Compare sales, collection, and outstanding summaries across different time periods or regions.
  • Interactive graphs: Interact with graphical summaries to drill down into specific data points or segments.
  • Forecasting tools: Use graphical summaries to forecast future sales, collection, or outstanding trends based on historical data.

These additional points further enhance the functionality and usability of each main feature within the Steps SDM system, providing users with comprehensive tools to manage sales and distribution operations effectively.


Modules of Steps SDM (Sales & Distribution Management Systems)

Steps SDM Sales and Distribution Management System is a cutting-edge sales and distribution management system engineered to redefine the way you conduct business. With Steps SDM, you're not just accessing a solution; you're embracing a technological marvel meticulously designed to elevate your operations to unprecedented heights of efficiency and agility. Our suite of modules, seamlessly integrated within Steps SDM, empowers your organization to navigate the complexities of sales and distribution with ease and precision. From intuitive sales management to optimized distribution logistics, Steps SDM offers a comprehensive toolkit to streamline every facet of your business processes. Step into the future of sales and distribution management with Steps SDM, where innovation meets excellence, and success knows no bounds.

1. Sales Management Module: