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A Renowned Software
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Providing industry-specific software solutions to
businesses across various sectors.

What you get in WEBNS?

Best-selling, most trusted, and 100% secured ERP software for your company and business, Serving since 2005 with pride.

Workable Features

Outstanding dynamic features to manage every section and smart view to monitor easily.

100% Secured

Strong encryption guarantees total security for both software and databases.

Well Optimized

The system is well-optimized and ensures maximum efficiency and performance.

24/7 Support

The dedicated support team offers round-the-clock assistance for all requirements.

Our Featured



Steps HRMS

The Human Resource Management System automates HR tasks such as hiring, payroll, and records.


Steps AFS

An accounting system manages financial transactions and reporting for effective management.


Steps SCM

Supply chain and material management oversee goods from procurement to distribution.


Steps IMS

An Inventory Management System tracks and manages company's stock levels and orders.


Steps PPMS

Production Process Management System streamlines and optimizes manufacturing operations.


Steps SDM

Sales and Distribution Management System efficiently manages sales and distribution processes.


Steps DIS

Depot Integration System integrates depot operations efficiently for streamlined management.


Steps CRM

Customer Relationship Management System optimizes interactions with customers for satisfaction.

our Exclusive


Software Customization

WEBNS Technology Ltd leads the way in ERP software in Bangladesh, offering tailored software customizations for all industries. Our solutions are precisely crafted to meet client's needs, delivering personalization and functionalities. Whether it's improving user experience, integrating specialized modules, or enhancing overall professional performance, our skilled team are ready to help you.

Installation & Implement

WEBNS Technology Ltd is offering seamless installation and implementation of ERP software and other software solutions. Our expert team ensures smooth setup and integration tailored to your business needs, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Trust us to streamline your operations and unlock your software's full potential.

Data Migration

WEBNS Technology Ltd guarantees seamless data migration as a vital component of our software, including ERP software implementation. Our team of experts meticulously handles the transfer of data from legacy systems to the desired software and ERP systems with precision and top-notch security measures, thus minimizing disruptions and preserving the integrity of your data. Trust us for a smooth data migration process that lays a solid foundation for a successful ERP deployment.

Platform Independent

Linux, Windows, Mac?
We've got it all covered for you.

With our cutting-edge and inherently platform-independent architecture approach, you have the unparalleled flexibility to deploy on the platform that suits you best.

Who We Are

WEBNS Technology, established in 2005, is a pioneering ERP software provider in Bangladesh, offering tailored solutions for various sectors. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, we deliver reliable and efficient business solutions, including automated manufacturing, financial management, HRMS and more.


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