Ibrahim Khalil

Managing Director & CEO

WEBNS Technology Ltd.

MD. Ibrahim Khalil, the Managing Director & CEO of WEBNS Technology Ltd, is a visionary leader in the field of information technology, and he has played a pivotal role in driving the success of the company since its establishment in 2005. During his tenure as managing director and CEO, MD. Ibrahim Khalil guided the company through a period of innovation and growth, establishing it as a significant player in Bangladesh's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software services market.

WEBNS Technology has developed into a technical powerhouse under the intelligent guidance of MD. Ibrahim Khalil.The company offers a full suite of ERP software that is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of businesses in a variety of sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Hospital etc.

MD. Ibrahim Khalil's strategic vision and in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing technology industry, WEBNS Technology Ltd. is now recognized as a leader in the digital transformation of companies, enabling them to increase productivity, simplify processes, and experience long-term success. The unrelenting dedication and unwavering commitment of MD. Ibrahim Khalil's excellence and customer fulfillment have been significant in developing enduring relationships with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to major organizations. At WEBNS Technology Ltd., he has created an atmosphere that values innovation, honesty, and client-centered solutions. This stimulates creativity and advances the development of cutting-edge technology.


Along with his leadership position at WEBNS Technology, MD. Ibrahim Khalil has made a significant contribution to the development of Bangladesh's IT industry by promoting the use of cutting-edge technology solutions to support the nation's digital infrastructure.

By his efforts, MD. Ibrahim Khalil has gained respect and recognition from the industry as well as established WEBNS Technology as a significant player in Bangladesh's technical scene. MD. Ibrahim Khalil continues to lead WEBNS Technology to new heights as the CEO of a reputable ERP software firm. He does this by using his experience to lead the creation of cutting-edge solutions that transform how organizations run and prosper in the digital age. A new generation of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are inspired by MD. Ibrahim Khalil to push the frontiers of innovation and redefine the possibilities of technological development, as he continues to be a prominent figure in the tech sector with a clear vision and a tireless passion for perfection.

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